Nancy Kelley Franke, MA, LPC, ATR

Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Art Therapist


As an artist, I have known the therapeutic value of the creative process long before I pursued art therapy as a profession. My graduate training in art therapy provided new ways of working, and opportunities to experience firsthand the healing potential of art. The images displayed on this page represent some of my own process work, and also demonstrate how art making might be used therapeutically within a session or by working independently.

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Photography Credits

Home: “Sacred Lotus Nelumbo Nucifera”, 2008 — T.Voekler
Profile: “Shadow Self-Portrait”, Barcelona, Spain 2010 – Nancy Kelley Franke
Practice: “Waterhoennest”, 2007 — Ori
Office Policies: “Water Lilies, ‘Marion Strawn'”, 2010 — Yoko Nekonomania
Resources: Jampui Hills, Artist Unknown
Gallery: “Petroglyph Point 6 - Lava Beds NM California”, 2014 — Ian Poellet
Contact: “Mt. Rogers Wild Ponies”, 2009 — Ryan Somma
Header and Footer: “The Burren, Ireland”, Western Ireland, 2007 — Sitomon

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